Immigration Based On Family Ties

The term "family-based immigration" brings to mind many possible immediate family relationships that might qualify someone for a green card and eventually naturalization. You may seek a green card for your mother, father, sister, brother or spouse. Although all are close relatives, an immigration petition for the husband or wife of a U.S. citizenship usually succeeds much more quickly than any other family-based immigration petition.

At Chong Immigration Law PLLC, our clients seeking visas and green cards through family relationships tend to petition on the basis of engagement or marriage, including same-sex marriages. A K visa for a fiancé or green card for a spouse is a common pathway to legal immigration status when a person is engaged or has already married a U.S. citizen.

When Immigration Through Marriage Involves An Adjustment Of Status

You may have met your U.S. citizen husband or wife while you had a student visa, a temporary work permit or a visa for a business visit in the U.S. This is very common. However, marrying too quickly may cause immigration problems in the future.

Before you try to apply for an adjustment status without a lawyer, be careful. Making a mistake could cause your petition to fail, leading to serious family problems. An experienced attorney who can evaluate all aspects of your case is the best source of reliable information and personalized analysis of your eligibility for any particular legal situation.

Did You Marry Abroad Or Marry In The U.S. Without A K Visa?

Marriage to a U.S. citizen is not an automatic smooth pathway to a green card or citizenship. Immigration authorities sometimes detain and deport spouses of U.S. citizens. This may happen when the foreign spouse had an expired visa, made false claims, or was convicted of certain crimes. You may need a special immigration waiver if you married a U.S. citizen without obtaining a fiancé visa first or if you married while out of status.

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Consult with Chong Immigration Law PLLC about a 601A waiver or another solution to your immigration case based on marriage to a U.S. citizen. If necessary, Mr. Chong can help you file an I-601A application for a provisional unlawful presence waiver. He may help you apply for an adjustment of status if necessary. Discuss these and other possibilities in consultation with Mr. Chong. Call 202-798-7328 or send an email inquiry through this website to request a case analysis — and we will help solve your immigration challenge.