Varieties Of Nonimmigrant Visas And How To Apply For Them

Whatever your background and whatever your reasons for seeking to live, work and/or study in the United States, Chong Immigration Law PLLC is behind you. Our dedicated immigration lawyer understands the importance of ensuring that your nonimmigrant visa application is well-documented, accurate and on time.

Once you obtain a nonimmigrant visa, be sure not to abuse or overstay your visa. Follow the rules, which our lawyer is happy to explain to you. Then, if you later apply for permanent residency or citizenship, your immigration status record will be clean.

Bring your questions about nonimmigrant visas to attorney Cameron Chong's attention, and let's explore your options together:

  • Do you plan a trip to the U.S. to complete commercial or professional activities such as contract negotiations? A B-1 visa may be appropriate, as long as you do not pursue gainful employment while in the country on this visa.
  • Do you hope to visit tourist destinations, obtain medical treatment or visit family members in the U.S.? A B-2 visitor's visa may be what you need.
  • Are you planning to study, teach or do research in the U.S.? An F-1 or J-1 visa may be appropriate.
  • Did you come to the U.S. — or do you hope to come to the U.S. — with the goal of progressing in your chosen occupation? You may find temporary work opportunities you seek through an O-1 visa. This visa provides opportunities to work for non-citizens of extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts (including the television and motion picture industry), education, business or athletics.
  • Are you a U.S. employer seeking a nonimmigrant work visa allowing technology workers or other types of workers to become your employees? Chong Immigration Law PLLC is an established immigration and nationality law firm serving the Washington, D.C., and Silver Spring, Maryland, area. We can help you determine the most promising path for a new work permit or an intracompany transfer for the person or people you want to hire.

Every Case Is Unique And Every Path Holds Promise

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