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The Paris Accords and the Future of Science: A Need for Foreign Scientists


On Thursday, June 1, 2017, President Donald Trump announced that the U.S. will no longer participate in the voluntary aspects of the international Paris Accords on climate change. Click here The U.S. cannot officially withdraw from the agreement until 2021 so the move is largely symbolic and indicative of the Administration's hostility towards science and environmental preservation.

However, in the immediate aftermath of the announcement over eighty mayors from major U.S. cities have agreed to uphold the U.S. commitment to the Paris Accords. Click here Therefore, despite a lack of leadership from the Executive Branch, there is still hope for the future of environmental science and research from private institutions and state/city level initiatives. But without investment in these areas from the U.S. government, where does the future of green industry lie? In the immigrant community.

Countries throughout the world have proven innovative in expanding the sustainable energy sector, creating new industries and helping to improve the health and safety of the planet. Click here This means that the talent exists for the cities, states, and private companies that support the Paris Accords and it is waiting to be capitalized upon in the U.S. It is simply a matter of bringing it here and optimizing it.

Through employment sponsorship or research positions, American companies and universities who wish to preserve and improve the planet can bring this talent to the U.S. This will bring together the most talented individuals with institutions that wish to adhere to the Paris Accords commitments. This in turn will grow the next wave of sustainable energy research and industry that will support the changing U.S. and global economy.

Hope is not lost for the future, but we must rather look to private companies, state/city level initiatives, and immigrants rather than the U.S. federal government to lead this charge.

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