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December 2018 Archives

Mother granted visa to be with dying toddler

While many parents in Washington, D.C. are happily planning for their children's future, there are others whose child's terminal illness will force them to say goodbye. For these parents, there is likely nothing more important than to be by their child's side as they continue the fight. Unfortunately, reports indicate that one woman was prohibited from being at the side of her toddler as she was banned from the country by the current administration's travel ban; she was only recently given a waiver that allowed her a visa to travel to the country.

Transferring To A New Employer: I-140/I-485 Portability

Each year thousands of workers are sponsored by their employers for Green Cards, including in the Washington, DC area. However, with increasingly lengthy processing times and priority date backlogs, employees may face challenges with their prospective employers including the company shutting down, internal managerial conflicts, or even workplace harassment. This can leave workers in a difficult position where they do not want to risk their lawful permanent residence, but also may not be able to continue in the job. Not to fear though, as there may be ways for these workers to leave their employment and still receive permanent residence.

Naturalization process can be lengthy, expensive

It seems that in the last few years, the immigration debate has ramped up considerably. Many people in Washington, D.C. and across the country make the erroneous assumption that those who have not completed the naturalization process failed to do so because of some sort of failure or oversight on their part. However, the path to becoming a naturalized citizen is often lengthy and expensive, making it especially difficult for those who are seeking a new start to complete it.

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