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Asylum in the United States

There are people traveling to areas of the United States, including Washington, DC, because they want a better life than they have in their country. In fact, some people are fleeing violence that could ultimately result in their death. Unfortunately, they may find upon arrival that the asylum process is complicated to navigate on their own.

New asylum process creates difficulties

People in other countries in less fortunate circumstances often view places like Washington, D.C. as the answer to their prayers -- a place where they can live safely without fear for their lives. As such, they make plans to seek asylum in the United States. Unfortunately, some people argue that a new program recently put into place makes the process of making such requests much more complicated.

Seeking asylum in the United States

When many people arrive in Washington, DC, or other areas of the country, they are often in fear for their lives. Often, they have fled violence in their own home and want nothing more than to set up a new, safe life in the United States. Unfortunately, the process of seeking asylum can seem overwhelming in the best of circumstances, but certainly to those who are trying to cope with the trauma they experienced in their homeland.

Seeking asylum to protect the future

For many people in other countries, a move to Washington, D.C., or other areas of the country does not simply represent the potential of experiencing new opportunities. For many, the decision to leave their home is one of life and death. Unfortunately, many people find the process of seeking asylum daunting. With the potential implications of being unsuccessful, many turn to the compassionate services of Chong Immigration Law, PLLC.

Federal judge rules against President Trump's asylum ban

People in Washington, D.C. and across the country have been watching the news of the caravan of immigrants approaching the southern border of the United States. While there are different points of view regarding the caravan and the aid that should -- or should not -- be provided, the current presidential administration's recent decision to deny asylum to immigrants who cross the border illegally has raised some legal question. A federal judge has recently provided an answer to those questions.

Asylum versus illegal entry

It may be difficult for people in Washington, D.C. and across the country to fully appreciate what life in other countries may be like. Even those in this country who may face some struggles likely do not normally face fears of torture or being murdered in their daily lives. Unfortunately, for many people in other countries, this is their existence, often prompting many of them to seek asylum in the United States.

New agreement opens asylum opportunities for separated families

Every year, people travel to the United States, often via Washington, D.C., in search of a better life. Unfortunately, there is a great debate in this country now regarding how many people should be given asylum and under what circumstances. Much of this debate surrounds the current administration's treatment of families that cross the country's southwest border.

Jeff Sessions discusses asylum requests

The vast majority of people in Washington, D.C., and in the world in general, would likely do whatever it takes to make life better for their children and other family members. For some people, this could mean completely uprooting their lives and facing the uncertainty of life in a new country. Unfortunately, those who choose to seek asylum in the United States could face disappointment.

DC Resources for Undocumented Individuals

blog4.jpgFor undocumented individuals who are not currently in the immigration system (i.e. no past deportations, current court cases, no past criminal record) and who do not have access to relief, this is a non-exhaustive list of available, non-legal resources. It includes such things as sexual assault and domestic violence assistance, food and emergency shelter resources, etc.

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