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Understanding the Diversity Immigrant Visa Program

blog3.jpgAs immigration remains a hot-button issue in the US, certain programs are coming under greater scrutiny by the current Administration. One such program is the Diversity Immigrant Visa Program, often referred to as the Visa Lottery Program, which has become one of the main avenues through which immigrants from Africa, Eastern Europe, and Asia obtain their Green Cards. But what exactly is this program and why is it such a hot-button issue?

DC Resources for Undocumented Individuals

blog4.jpgFor undocumented individuals who are not currently in the immigration system (i.e. no past deportations, current court cases, no past criminal record) and who do not have access to relief, this is a non-exhaustive list of available, non-legal resources. It includes such things as sexual assault and domestic violence assistance, food and emergency shelter resources, etc.

Green Cards and Birth Abroad

blog5.jpgFor various reasons, Green Card holders may choose to travel abroad to give birth. They may wish to be closer to family or they may prefer the healthcare in their home country. No matter the reason, following the birth of a child abroad, Green Card holders must take certain steps to ensure that their child can enter the US legally and obtain their own Green Card.

Workers Needed: AIC Releases STEM Report

blog6.jpgOn June 14, 2017 the American Immigration Council (AIC) released a fact sheet on employment of foreign-born STEM workers in the U.S. Based on data collected by the American Community Survey, AIC found that nearly 1 in 5 STEM and STEM Plus--which includes the health and social sciences field--field positions were held by foreign-born workers. As these fields continue to grow, the need for foreign-born workers will also continue to grow.

The Future of H-1Bs: Evaluating the President's "Hire American" Executive Order

blog8.jpgOn April 18, 2017, President Donald Trump signed the "Presidential Executive Order on Buy American and Hire American." Like past E.O.s, this order again targets immigrants and their employers, particularly H-1B recipients. What follows is a brief summary of the E.O. and it's potential impact on current H-1B recipients and their employers, as well as applicants for FY 2018.

Updates on Consular Processing

blog10.jpgFollowing the announcement of President Trump's second travel ban, the Department of State under the direction of Secretary Rex Tillerson issued a memorandum to all consular posts around the world on March 15, 2017. The memorandum was modified two days later, and again after a federal court in Hawaii placed a nationwide stay on implementation of the travel ban. While provisions in the memorandum specifically related to applicants from the six majority-Muslim countries identified in the ban were removed, other "heightened scrutiny" directives regarding global applicants remain in effect.

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